Cryogenic Products for Safety, Performance, and Economy

Spearlab foam dewars are effective and durable vessels for handling liquid nitrogen and cryogenic materials. They have gained acceptance as the preferred containers for x-ray crystallography samples, and also are used in a wide variety of other cryogenic applications. Unlike conventional glass and stainless steel Dewar flasks which depend upon a vacuum layer for insulation, Spearlab foam dewars use a fine closed cell foam for insulation. This foam material is chemically inert and mechanically durable enough to be exposed directly to liquid nitrogen, without leaking or degrading. Our most popular product is a foam vessel that holds 800 ml of liquid nitrogen. The shape of this foam dewar (model FD-800) is circular, with a protruding handle, so that it resembles a large teardrop. Each bowl shaped vessel comes with a matching foam lid to insulate the contents from ambient air. The price per unit is $110. The dimensions of the cylindrical cavity in this standard size vessel are 5.8 inches in diameter by 2.8 inches deep.

We carry several other sizes and shapes of foam dewars listed in our “Products” page.

For custom designed foam dewars, please contact us for more information. We would like to assist you with any special cryogenic requirements that you may have for research, industry or education.

Our standard foam vessel, designed to replace a low-profile Dewar, was originally developed at the Advanced Light Source of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and is made of a durable and chemically inert foam with excellent insulating properties.

Its patented design makes the foam vessel easier to handle and safer to use than a traditional low profile glass Dewar. Also, because of its lower thermal mass, a foam vessel will cause less liquid nitrogen boiloff when it is filled. It also will accumulate less frost during regular use. The end result is that less LN is consumed.